Woody Karyll Pride
Vital statistics
Current Position Cool Cowboy
Current Age Born: March 22 1970, Age: 47, Birthsign: Aries
Current Status Alive
Equipment His fists, Cowboy equipment, Sacks (that resembles the sacks Gooch uses in Henry Danger)
Died in Still Alive
Alias Boody (By Drill Finger as a way of making fun of him as well as linking it up to the word Booty.)
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Heavy
Weight 8/10
Likes Mario, SMG4, Luigi, Henry and Samantha, Phillip and Kelly (formerly), Adventures, Buzz Lightyear, Cookies, Coffee, etc.
Dislikes Drill Finger, Jacqueline, SMG3, SMG1, Nintendofan996, The Villager, Ortho, SMG3's clan, Teletubbies, Annoying sounds/People, etc.
Woody (Full Name: Woody Karyll Pride) is a cool cowboy guy. He used to be an enemy of Mario back in 2012 and literally tried to kill him but after the failed attempt, a large Bowling Ball fell on his head thus knocking him out. He then woke up not remembering anything including who he is or where he lives. He is currently an ally of Mario and SMG4 and a sidekick too. He made an appearance in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Longplay. He didn't remember who Mario and SMG4 were (possibly because he hadn't fully recovered from his amnesia yet). He was hiding out at the Supermassive Galaxy from Drill Finger and his minions because they were after his friends. When Mario and SMG4 arrived here after obtaining the third Grand Star, they met Woody who proceeded to join them for the rest of the adventure. He also discovered Phillip and Kelly's shop (they sold him weapons to use against Drill Finger). Also they ranted about their previous defeats and how in 7 days from that period of time, they will rerise and destroy Mario and SMG4 (foreshadowing the events of the Mario Kart Wii Longplay). Woody also joined SMG4 and the rest on future adventures. His best friend is Buzz Lightyear. He is also a Shrimpo Hunter in the SML universe.



  • Woody is said to be 45 years old in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Longplay however this is changed to 47 in the Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon Longplay. More than likely the case is his birthday is near the start of the year before January 5.
    • But in the Super Mario 3D World Longplay, Woody's birthday was confirmed to be on March 22 so this might've been a mistake because Woody would've been 46 at the of LM2DM.