William is the annoying brother of the annoying Little Girl Zelda. Like her he comes up with the worst predictions for the future. I mean if you wanted a male version of Zelda well here he is. One includes that humans will be a able to defy gravity in 2019 another includes in 2065, humans would be able to use their round wheeled feet as skis water jets gliders and much more of that. He gets furious when people disagree with his predictions. Much like his sister, he tends to say "Don't you know anything!" to those who try to prove them wrong. He always appears in an episode alongside his sister. He even is a minion of certain villains such as Phillip and Kelly Bomb or Drill Finger.

Vital statistics
Current Position Little Girl Zelda's brother
Current Age Born: October 6 2012 Age: 4 Birthsign: Libra
Current Status Same as his sister.
Equipment None
Died in Still Alive
Alias (S)he has no nicknames
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Featherweight
Weight 0/10
Likes His Sister Little Girl Zelda, her predictions which he agrees with and comes up with his own, Eliminating those who disagree, etc.
Dislikes People who disagree with his predictions, Getting beat up, etc.