The Waktins Tribe
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Vital statistics
Current Position Three children who live a life of evil
Current Age Born: January 10 2004 Age: 13 Birthsign: Capricorn - Joshua

Born: November 12 2005 Age: 11 Birthsign: Scorpio - Laura Born: June 23 2007 Age: 9 Birthsign: Cancer - Jonathan

Current Status Living with Drill Finger and joined up by the Bratty Girls
Equipment Anything Drill Finger provides them with
Died in Multiple times but still alive
Alias Josh (Joshua)

Lauren (Laura) Johnny (Jonathan)

Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Medium (Joshua)

Light (Laura) Featherweight (Jonathan)

Weight 5/10 (Joshua)

2/10 (Laura) 0/10 (Jonathan)

Likes Being evil, Getting revenge on Mario, SMG4, and their allies because they think they lied about SMG3 being stuck in the Battlerock/Dreadnought system, Winning battles (which rarely happens), etc.
Dislikes Losing battles, Mario, SMG4 and their allies, etc.
The Waktins Tribe are a Tribe of three annoying children made of Joshua the leader, Laura the girl of mischief, and Johnathan the youngster (or Youngling as refered to in some episodes). Some time after Johnathan's birth, their parents had too much business to handle and abandoned them. They were then found by a tribe of people who they proceeded to join. They were okay for a few years but as the years went by, they grew more and more annoying and started to do things wrongly. As 2014 started to draw to a close, the rest of the Tribe kicked them out for doing things wrongly and being just plain annoying. Joshua lead his brother and sister to Lavalava Island where they met Phillip and Kelly Bomb. Other than Phillip and Kelly, they've also served other villains too such as Drill Finger. In the Super Mario Bros. 3 Longplay, they actually went on to become the main antagonists. Also, they were the ones who set off the plot for the Mario Kart 7 Longplay by reviving Phillip and Kelly Bomb from the dead. Their lifelong dream is to destroy SMG4 and his allies because they claim he was lying about SMG3 being stuck in the system of the Battlerock and Dreadnought Galaxies (which was true and they just didn't know it because both explosions occurred after they were punted out of there). SMG3 did survive however (obviously). They first appeared in the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Longplay and have appeared in every Longplay since and they've appeared a lot despite being seemingly destroyed after most encounters in fact, they're the only bosses from the Mario Kart Wii Longplay to return in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Longplay.