The Monster
Baby Mario Monster

The Monster is a terrifying evil entity. Back in 2012, he tried to take over Bowser's army and destroy Bowser himself but failed thanks to Mario, Luigi, and SMG4. He was then revived by SMG3 and was beat once again by Mario and SMG4 who destroyed it's heart. SMG3 then revived the Monster with a spare heart and it continued its evil. It has the ability to take the form of anyone. When first encountered by Mario and his friends, he was disguised as Baby Mario. The true Monster itself has three forms. The first form is its weakest form but it can travel from area to area in this form and it wields an axe. The second form is it's true form and the one seen on the right. Its third and final form is its most powerful form. In this form it is the size of a 100 storey tower. It can shoot rockets and very hazardous substances in fact it can pretty much destroy an entire city. All three of its forms can breathe fire. The fire power depends on what form The Monster is currently in and how big he is. In the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Longplay after its defeat along with SMG3 and all his allies, Mario, SMG4, and Woody destroyed the heart yet again and SMG3 then stated it would take years to build another heart to revive The Monster. The Hell Valley Sky Trees from the Shiverburn Galaxy are its second cousins.