Mega Stick

The Mega Stick is a weapon used by Phillip and Kelly Bomb in the longplays. In the Mario Kart Wii Longplay, they use the stick to attack their enemies with it. Most importantly to essure that it doesn't hurt them or their minions by mistake, they drew a red mark on it so it's manhandled by the Red Team. Luckily during the encounter in Phillip and Kelly's battle course (Phillip and Kelly's Big Donut), SMG4 drew a blue mark on it making it stable to Blue Teamers instead. This Stick was used to kill Phillip and Kelly as well. The Stick returned in the Mario Kart 7 Longplay. In real life, this Stick is also used by User:The RPG Gamer's Grandmother as a Stick to wash clothes with. It can evolve into the Mega Staff which is powered up by using a Star Crystal.