Swiggler Wiggles or Swiggler is a large, Shroob-created, bio-mechanical robot Wiggler and Wiggler's step-brother. After the Shroob invasion was destroyed by the baby tears many years ago taking out most of the Shroob race. Swiggler secretly survived and was found by Wiggler and hi parents. They then adopted him and made him their step-son. He now spends his time drinking milkshakes, apple juice, and water rather that Vim from Toads (which is their life-force much like how a human's is blood). In the Mario Kart Wii Longplay, Swiggler appear alongside the rest of the Wiggles family in the future version of Maple Treeway. He is one of the only two members that doesn't appear in the Mario Kart 7 longplay, the only other being Durmite.