Silver Chomp

Silver Chomps are characters found in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Longplay. They home in on Mario, SMG4, and Woody upon sight and try to hurt them. They are easy to avoid however due to their slow speed. The Silver Chomp in the Slipsand Galaxy joins them on Starship Mario along with a Chomp, a Golden Chomp, and a Chomp Pup after a long talk about why he's so violent. They accepted him in there but said if he hurts anyone they would have the right to kill him which he didn't do. Birdo made them a hoard of meat (most of it was raw). After the Spoiled Brat's death to the Gringills, they fed her bones to the Chomps. After all 242 Stars were collected, he and his Chomp crew rolled away to who knows where.