SuperMarioGlitchy69 AKA SMG69 a huge fanboy of SMG4. Unlike other SMGs, SMG69 is a Toad rather than a Mario look alike with a unique color-code. He always keeps asking SMG4 to put him in his videos, SMG4 once threw him in the sun thus killing him. However, he was among one of the few known people who were revived after the universe's recreation (after the final Bowser battle) in the Super Mario Galaxy Longplay. In the Super Luigi Galaxy Longplay, he was found at the end in the Mushroom Kingdom. He also appeared in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Longplay where he was among one of Drill Finger's many victims. Just as he was about to lose some teeth, FightingMario54321 saved him but they got separated while fleeing. SMG69 was found at the Shiverburn Galaxy along with many others but in this Longplay, he bothered SMG4 slightly less. These three have been his only appearances in SMG4 Longplays.