Vital statistics
Current Position SMG4's older brother
Current Age Born: January 7 1997 Age: 22 Birthsign: Capricorn
Current Status Alive
Equipment Unknown
Died in Still Alive
Alias Smg2, SuperMarioGlitchy2
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Heavy
Weight 8/10
Likes SMG4, Mario, Woody, SMG4's friends, Henry and Samantha, etc.
Dislikes Drill Finger, SMG3, SMG1, The Toddler, ???, Nintendofan996, etc.
SuperMarioGlitchy2 (also known as SMG2 and Glitchoo) is Glitchy's older brother. He looks like a blue version of Metal Mario and is pretty shivery. He's been mentioned multiple times. He makes his first actual appearance in the Super Mario Galaxy Longplay. Him and SMG4 get along well despite minor bickering.