Rosalina Luma
Vital statistics
Current Position Princess of the cosmos
Current Age Born: September 3 1992 Age: 25 Birthsign: Virgo
Current Status Living in the Comet Observatory and visiting Earth very often
Equipment Wand, Power Stars, etc.
Died in Still Alive
Alias Princess Rosalina
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Heavy
Weight 8/10
Likes Mario, SMG4, Princess Peach, Henry and Samantha, Lubba, Lumas (children), Woody, Power Stars, Her Observatory, Visiting Earth, Star Bits, Gems, etc.
Dislikes Her Power Stars being stolen, Sad events, Phillip and Kelly Bomb, etc.
Rosalina is the Princess of the cosmos. She has over 500 children whom she takes care of all of which are Lumas. She is the owner of a starship called the Comet Observatory. She and the Lumas live there and do whatever. Rosalina sometimes comes down to Earth to do some fun stuff too. In the Longplays, her first appearance was in the Super Mario Galaxy Longplay which aired on April 23 2015 however, her first appearance in an actual blooper was Shoot to the Observatory in the sky which aired on June 8 2015.