Peach Toadstool
Princess Peach
Vital statistics
Current Position Princess/Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Teacher/Principal of all the Mushroom Kingdom Schools
Current Age Born: July 19 1988 Age: 29 Birthsign: Cancer
Current Status Living in her Castle
Equipment Her umbrella, Perry the living Umbrella, A gun (which she CAN have since she's the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom but she almost never uses it in fact it's now down to the point where it's about to break.)
Died in Still Alive
Alias Princess Peach


Appearances See Below
Physical attributes
Height Light
Weight 2/10
Likes Nancy Jeffy, The Bad Video Game Dude, SMG3 (sometimes), The Toddler (sometimes), Evil Jeeves, Fake Henry and Fake Samantha, Destroying the Mushroom Kingdom, Ruining her Castle, Being evil, robbing banks, kidnapping Bowser, making evil plans to make herself more popular than other girls by kidnapping them, etc.
Dislikes Getting beat up by monsters, Bowser, (sometimes), Bowser Jr. (sometimes), Her castle being clean, Stuff being clean (especially stuff in her Castle), Phillip and Kelly Bomb, Disorder, her plans being foiled, not being popular than others, Mario, SMG4, monsters, etc.

Peach Toadstool is a strong and evil princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is normally kidnapped by Bowser for no reason and nothing bad even happens to her during her caprivaty. Mario and SMG4 were all bent on saving her back in the day. Now they try and stop the real threat: Peach Herself. Peach aids them once or twice on this treacherous mission after she is rescued in her disguise side, and Bowser gives up his so-called "evil", and then she is now the main villain of SMG4. She is so evil that she teamed up with Evil Jeeves, The Bad Video Game Dude, and SMG3, as they are her henchmen to make herself more popular in order to take over the world, only to be stopped by SMG4’s friends and rivals.


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