Vital statistics
Current Position Drill Finger's Nerdy Son
Current Age Born: November 7 2000 Age: 16 Birthsign: Scorpio
Current Status Living in Drill Finger's Fortress
Equipment Giant Robotic Inventions
Died in 2 times but Still Alive
Alias Drill Finger Jr. (by SMG4)
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Medium
Weight 5/10
Likes Being evil, Making robots and other inventions, Using his machines to kill his enemies, Drill Finger (father), Noelle (Sister), SMG3, SMG3's Allies, Teletubbies, SMG1, Nintendofan996, Doing Drill Finger's evil bidding, etc. etc.
Dislikes Mario, Luigi, SMG4, Woody, Henry and Samantha (possibly), Princess Peach, anyone who tries to interfere with his father's plans, etc.
Ortho is Drill Finger's dorky son. He is much of a nerd and like his dad has very thick curly hair. He is a genius and can create massive mecha-robots along with flying ships. He will do anything to fulfill his father's evil plans and as said by his father they're in the planning phase. He sometimes helps his father kidnap Henry and Samantha and destroy Mario and SMG4. He also has a sister named Noelle.