Vital statistics
Current Position SMG3's best friend
Current Age Born: October 12 1967 Age: 49 Birthsign: Libra
Current Status Alive
Equipment Every weapon even his wallet
Died in Still Alive
Alias X, Xbox996, Xboxfan996, Nintendofan998, Xboxfan998,
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Medium
Weight 5/10
Likes SMG3, Drill Finger, SMG3's allies, Teletubbies, Evil Stuff, Zombies, Being Crazy, His Voice, etc.
Dislikes Mario, SMG4, Woody, Luigi, Jacqueline, The Villager, Anyone who tries to stop Drill Finger, etc.
Nintendofan996 or XBoxfan996 or X(sometimes Nintendofan998 or XBoxfan998 or X) is an evil guy and

a minion of Drill Finger. He is the doppelgänger of Nintendofan997 and SMG3's best friend and normally helps him take down Mario and SMG4. Nintendofan996 once tried to take down his rival Nintendofan997 but failed at that task. In some Longplays, Nintendofan996 occasionally fills in the role of SMG1 as SMG3's occasional partner. He loves chaos and havoc.