Mii 1

Miis are humanoid people that are made to resemble the looks of Real Life people, creatures, things etc. They can also be made to resemble fictional stuff. Throughout the Longplays, Miis make appearances on Wii, 3DS, and Wii U Longplays. The two Miis seen on the right are the default appearance when you select a particular gender. They can be edited to change their appearance and stuff. In the Longplays they either serve no purpose other than cameos or being a bystander or they help out the heroes.


A Mii's voice can change depending on their favourite color. Throughout each Mario Kart Longplay they appear in, they have a different voice for their colors.

Voice 1

  • Red
  • Dark Green
  • Purple

Voice 2

  • Light Green
  • Pink
  • Black

Voice 3

  • Orange
  • Dark Blue
  • Brown

Voice 4

  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • White



A gallery of the Miis (please no mean comments on the look of the Miis even if they may not look like their original counterparts).