Vital statistics
Current Position Mascot of Nintendo, and the most recognizable and successful video game figure ever. and everyone loves him
Current Age Born: January 1 1981 Age: 24 Birthsign: Capricorn
Current Status Fatass Plumber, Glitchy's assistant/worker/employee
Equipment Punches, Kicks, Weapons, etc.
Died in Still Alive
Alias Mario is not gay, Red (by Meggy)
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Medium
Weight 5/10
Likes Italian Food, Glitchy (boss and friend), Being lazy, Helping SMG4 save Henry and Samantha (when he plans to), etc.
Dislikes Princess Peach's whining, Having to save Peach, Annoying people, Some of SMG4's videos, etc.
Mario also known as Jumpman is the heroic yet dumb plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom and works for his boss Glitchy. Back in the day he used to save Princess Peach from Bowser but now he helps Glitchy with whatever (mainly saving the adorable twins Henry and Samantha from any evil entity). He's been in nearly every normal SMG4 video and pretty much every fan-made Longplay. He is normally SMG4's partner in the normal longplays but in the Mario Kart Longplays, SMG4 normally teams up with others, mainly Bowser Jr. Mario also has a younger twin brother named Luigi.


Video Game AppearancesEdit