Little Girl Zelda
Vital statistics
Current Position Annoying girl who makes rubbish predictions for the future
Current Age Born: February 4 2012 Age: 5 Birthsign: Aquarius
Current Status Annoying people with her predictions
Equipment None
Died in Still Alive
Alias Little Girl Zelda
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Featherweight
Weight 0/10
Likes Her predictions for the future, Her brother William, Taking down those who disagree with her predictions, etc.
Dislikes Getting beat, People who disagree with her predictions, Yoshi's Insides, etc.

Little Girl Zelda or simply Zelda is a very crazy annoying girl. She has many lame predictions for the future. One example is in 2060 humans will have wheels instead of feet, another example is Pigs will be able to fly and cows will be able to make their own milk. She also makes rubbish predictions about the area she's currently in. One example is she claims the Starshine Beach Galaxy will have rainbow-colored water in 100 years time. She tends to lose it whenever someone disagrees with her predictions. She hates SMG4 and his friends due to this. She usually says the phrase "Don't you know anything!" To any people who try to prove her wrong. She is normally a minion of Phillip and Kelly but sometimes works for Drill Finger as well. She also has a brother named William. It's never mentioned who's older between them however or if they're the same age.



  • Little Girl Zelda is based off that young girl with the same name from the books Once and Then.