Honey Queen otherwise known as Queen Bee is the ruler of the bees in the Honey-themed Galaxies (which include the Honeyhive Galaxy, the Honeycomb Galaxy, the Honeybloom Galaxy, and the Honeyhop Galaxy). Anyway, she is almost always itchy. This inflaming itch is always caused by a collectable item. be it Star Chips or Silver Stars. Honey Queen always assists Mario (or Luigi), SMG4 and Woody (thinking they're bees) and gives them stars or at least makes them easier to get to. Whenever she's encountered, an enemy is always encountered too in the Honeyhive Galaxy, it was SMG3 disguised as a bee. Mario and SMG4 beat him up and the Honey Queen then furiously told Mario (Luigi on the second occasion) and SMG4 to go and never come back. That is until they exposed SMG3 which resulted in his defeat. In the Honeyhop Galaxy, the Spoiled Brat and the Villager were chasing Mario, SMG4, and Woody and they grabbed the Silver Star from Honey Queens back. When the Spoiled Brat and the Villager reached the throne, Luigi, SMG4, and Woody told the Honey Queen that the two brats were famous bee killers. She then stings them then sends them flying by flying into them. Honey Queen then comes along with them to Starship Mario. She also appears in the Mario Kart 7 Longplay.