Gringills are space-eels that lurk in any water-based galaxy in the Super Mario Galaxy Longplays. They are known for their diet of meat and also like terrorising anyone or anything that comes near them. There are two types of Gringills and they come in 2 different sizes. The smaller Gringills are not as bright but still very dangerous and hand out star bits when killed. The larger ones are very smart and live to kill. When killed, they leave behind a 1-Up Mushroom. The Gringills shown on the image on the right are the two that ate the Spoiled Brat. This picture was taken as the Spoiled Brat herself was chasing Luigi, SMG4, and Woody for whacking her and calling him Jacqueline (which he hates). These Gringills go by a not-so well known name; the twin Gringills. In the Chimp's minigame, SMG4 and his friends get 300 points for killing one. A similar variant called the Spike Eel appears in the Super Mario 3D Land Longplay.