Glamdozer is a villain in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Longplay and a pet of Drill Finger. She is a giant pink Pupdozer and was sent to find to the Flipsville Galaxy to find a star there and destroy Mario and SMG4 after her younger brother Rollodillo failed to do the job. When Mario, SMG4, and Woody encounter her (after their battle with the Spoiled Brat and her brother the Villager), SMG4 recognised Glamdozer as a minion of Drill Finger and relative of Rollodillo so they flipped one of the Grates below her and dealt some damage. After 3 more Grate flips, she became dizzy and exploded thus giving up the star. She hoped that Drill Finger would dispose of them soon however. Squizzard (another minion of Drill Finger) is her cousin.