Drillfinger's Fortress

Drill Finger's Fortress is a location in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Longplay. It is the final location visited by Mario, SMG4, and Woody (besides the Grandmaster Galaxy). It is Drill Finger's hideout where he makes all his evil plans and phases. This is also where Henry and Samantha are kept captive every time they're kidnapped by Drill Finger. The entrance of the Fortress is guarded by two Teletubbies and has a two posters one of Drill Finger and one of SMG3. Posters of other minions as well as Ortho are inside the huge towers connected by that bridge. It is located in World 6 and is pretty close to Bowser's Galaxy Generator but the Fortress is completely hidden and will only appear once 120 Stars are obtained. Drill Finger is battled at the left tower's apex. Henry and his sister Samantha are also locked up here in a room barricaded by a Forcefield. The Cosmic Jewels are in the machine found here. There is also a hidden giant Teleporter that leads to a arena high above the Fortress that looks identical to Bowser's Lair. Teletubbies wander the halls of the Fortress and at the bottom of the tower, there is a dark haunted library, church-like area. Minions of the Koopa Troop found here include Goombas, Boos, Mandibugs, Undergrunt Gunners, Chomps, Chomp Pups, Koopa Troopas, and more. When Drill Finger kidnaps certain people he takes them here to remove their teeth. His friends also lurk here as housemates of Drill Finger. The music that plays throughout the level is the Bowser's Galaxy Reactor theme from SMG1's Longplay. This Fortress also has other appearances and it's always in space. This is also where the Teletubbies show is filmed using a green screen.