Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs are a type of violent aggressive dog owned by the Toddler. Their leader is a Dog King named Rover however despite this, their true leader is the Toddler. The Diamond Dogs are very stupid and psychotic, they were originally owned by the former member of the Toddle Roost Army Shaft but are now owned by the Toddler. They always try to put their weight together destroying Mario and SMG4 and the rest. They are also known to smell very bad.


  • Rover: The leader of the Diamond Dogs; his leader is the Toddler.
  • Fido: The big beefy one you certainly don't want to mess with if you're not powerful enough, he stinks the worst.
  • Spot: The small Bulldog-type guy, he isn't that strong.
  • Diamond Dog: Often called Dig Dogs (because they dig a lot), these are the common Diamond Dog foot-soldiers.