Cosmic Jewels Arise

The Cosmic Jewels are a powerful magical type of comet. They set Green Stars around the universe and other types of joyful magic. Back in 1924, The Toddler stole the Cosmic Jewels and took them to his hideout. In many years, they were then passed onto his friend Drill Finger who planned to get at least over 100 teeth and shove them in a machine and mix the energy from the teeth with evil chemicals and the energy then goes to the machine's reactor (later revealed to be the Cosmic Jewels themselves). After a large amount of teeth are produced into the Cosmic Jewels, Drill Finger would set them across the universe making him and his son Ortho outrageously powerful and the Jewels will rain across the universe bringing much evil and the cosmos will then fall into Drill Finger's hands for him to rule. After Drill Finger's defeat, his evil spell was undone and the Cosmic Jewels were spread across the universe bringing joy and the Green Stars forth. Mario, SMG4, and Woody actually needed these in order to get back to Earth.

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