Buzz Lightyear SMG4

Buzz Lightyear or simply Buzz is Woody's best friend and an ally of Mario and SMG4 as well as a former enemy. He started by terrorising the Mushroom City back in 2012 but after Woody's defeat to the Bowling Ball that fell on his head, he stopped. Within time Woody recovered his memories the only memory he lost forever was the memory of him trying to kill Mario in fact he forgot about him completely or even who he was. Buzz stopped this chaos too. In the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Longplay, Mario, SMG4, and Woody find Buzz Lightyear trapped at the Shiverburn Galaxy with a bunch of other people who escaped Drill Finger. After getting the Star, they were all taken back to Starship Mario and stayed there until the end where they all went back home. Buzz Lightyear has also made other appearances.