Vital statistics
Current Position Member of the Koopa Troop, Guy who likes kidnapping Peach
Current Age Born: August 21 1976 Age: 40 Birthsign: Leo
Current Status Sitting in his castle eating chilli burgers while wearing sunglasses hanging out with his son while being lazy watching TV playing video games and especially looking at photos of Justin Bieber
Equipment Fire Breath, Clown Car, Power Attacks, Justin Bieber stuff, etc.
Died in Still Alive
Alias King Bowser, Bowser Sr., Bowsy, Big Fat Cute Uglyass Turtle,
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Cruiser
Weight 10/10
Likes Peach, Mario (sometimes), SMG4, Luigi (sometimes), Woody (sometimes), Henry and Samantha, Kidnapping Peach, Bowser Jr. (son), Bowsar (twin brother), Chilli Burgers, Being Lazy, Justin Bieber (idol), His Castle, Grand Stars, Being strong, Being admired, etc.
Dislikes Losing battles, Mario, (sometimes), Luigi (sometimes), SMG3 (because he abandoned him for not being evil enough), Annoyances, Drill Finger, The Toddler, SMG4 (rarely), Woody (sometimes), Unfair stuff, etc.
Bowser is a former enemy of Mario and SMG4. Back in the day he used to kidnap Peach forcing Mario and SMG4 to rescue her. Nowadays Bowser still kidnaps her but also has other hobbies such as looking at Justin Bieber. In the longplays, he is normally a anti-hero though he's sometimes a minor villain or even a hero. Whenever Mario and SMG4 do fight him however, they normal do it to get a star required to save Henry and Samantha and unwillingly save Peach in the process. In the Mario Kart longplays, he is always an ally. He also has a very cool son named Bowser Jr..


Video Game AppearancesEdit