Big Tim
Not Available
Vital statistics
Current Position Member of the Toddle Roost Army and former minion of Phillip and Kelly Bomb
Current Age Born: March 16 2000 Age: 17 Birthsign: Pisces
Current Status Alive
Equipment Roller Skates, Laser Gun,
Died in 1 Time But Still Alive
Alias Tim
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Heavy
Weight 8/10
Likes Beating his enemies, Bullying, Phillip and Kelly Bomb, Big Bully, The Toddler, The Toddle Roost Army, etc.
Dislikes Mario, SMG4, Woody, Bowser Jr., Bowser, Henry and Samantha, Princess Peach, etc.
Big Tim is a jerky teenager and a minion of Phillip and Kelly Bomb. He has no life and has minor depression problems and some anger issues. He also owns a pair of rollerskates. His best friend is The Big Bully. He also looks similar to Sorbetti. He later ditched Phillip and Kelly and joined the Toddler's Toddle Roost Army.